Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the new and improved support system provided to you by our ever impressive, the long contained, often imitated, but never duplicated programmer… Gunny!

It might seem overwhelming at first, but rest assured: it's not very different from what you are used to! It mostly just looks different.

Here are some of the new features you can look forward to:

  • Less information to input to access your issues.
  • Edit your own passphrase so you won't forget it!
  • A better file uploading widget.
  • On-demand image loading.
  • Real-time responses: responses appear on the page within 30 seconds of being posted without having to refresh the page.
  • All of your current and past issues are categorized and accessible via tabs.
  • Notification email is now editable and allows for multiple addresses.
  • Statuses are now included in the timeline as milestones.
  • Highlighted filtering of your issues and comments.
  • Inline editing of your issue details.
  • Auto-generated category filter buttons based on the categories of the issues in view.

We are constantly working to improve this system. If you have a feature request let us know. Until then please use the following FAQ for more information about each function.

* FAQs are always being updated.

Quick Tour

What is Firespike Issue Management and Response?
Previouly referred to as our 'Ticket System', our new Issue Management is a basically a streamlined version of that. This new system provides a less-distracting user interface with more of the information you need in less space. At the same we've made it easier for us to communicate with you and document our progress while providing you with milestones.

Did we mention it's much easier to access also?

How do I use it?
First of all, you need to be a client. You can Contact Us to make that happen. Once we have you in our system it's just a simple matter of typing in your passphrase or support key, along with your email address and name.

You can log-in here.

What is an Issue?
An issue is anything that is important to you. Whether you want to edit the content of a web page, create a new email address or discuss the differences between PreFetching and PreLoading...

If it's important to you, it's important to us.

What happened to priority? My issue is really important!
We decided that providing a priority selection for tickets gave the impression that some issues were more important than others. This simply isn't true. Issues are dealt with in the order we receive them and more often than not, we deal with multiple issues at once.

In other words, every issue is important to us.

How does it work?
Once logged in to the system. You click on the 'New Issue' button and fill our the short form of details. Once submitted, we immediately get a notification that you need help. It's much faster than an email to be honest.

While we cannot promise an instant response (because who stares at their computer 24/7) we do promise an expedient response once we see the submission.

The issue system works much like a chat system with rooms where you provide the topic. Each of your issues is a room, and each comment between us helps build a bigger picture of the overall discussion. The server queries your issue every 30 seconds for a new comment and when one is found it is inserted into your page without having to reload in real-time.

Other things you can do:

  • You can also upload files or images directly in your message.
  • Edit your message.
  • Delete your uploads.
  • Search all messages for keywords.

Can I upload files?
We have implemented a cleaner uploading interface. Simply click the 'Upload File' and select an image or a document. We currently have no limitations on file size or type.

From time to time we will clean out files from older issues so do not rely on our server to store files.

I uploaded an image and the message box just says 'Load Image'?
Click it. In an effort to reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage, images are loaded on demand.

How do I change my passphrase?
We use more than your passphrase to validate your permission to access our system, but it is a security necessity. To change your passphrase click on Settings in the upper right hand corner.

I am already logged in, my passphrase is autofilled and I don't recall what it is. How do I find out?
Click on the field of in the upper right hand corner to reveal your passphrase.

I can't see all my messages.
The textbox for comments and the comment timeline are in separate panes. With the textbox fixed at the lower portion of your screen, and your timeline sitting above and behind it. You can scroll through messages in the upper pane to view those that are hidden.

How do I send a message?
When directly viewing an issue you can use the 'Post Comment' box is fixed at the bottom of the page (see image) to type in your message. Messages are displayed in a timeline-format where the most recent are at the top of the list. When someone on the other end adds a comment you should see their response in real-time within 30 seconds. You can also use the 'Upload File' button to add an image or document to the discussion.


How do I submit an issue?
After logging in, and when viewing your lists of issues you can click on the button to open a dialog. This dialog will allow you to enter a subject for the issue, your email in case you want to change it, the category and description.

After submission, we will immediately be notified (much faster than email) of your message.


How will I know if something has changed with my issue?
Everything we do is partnered with an email notification from -- whether its a new comment or status change. So make sure to whitelist us!

Ok, how will you know if added a new comment or file?
Everything we do is partnered with an email notification from -- whether its a new comment or status change. So make sure to whitelist us!

My issue is marked as 'Closed' but I am still having problems.
You can submit a comment on any of your issues regardless of its status and we will still be notified.